Welcome to ME Fertiliser Since it was founded, ME Fertiliser has maintained an undertaking to preserve the environment. All of its manufactured products and those under development are therefore ecological in composition and recommended for correcting the effects of phytotoxicity and of soil pollution caused by all types of pesticides, herbicides, etc with which they can be mixed to use minimal or reduced dosages for joint application.

In line with its ecological undertaking, ME Fertiliser has developed a line of products (solid biomasses) for regenerating soils polluted with heavy metals or radioactive wastes and a kit of reagents for treating all types of organic wastes (from sugar factories, milk industries, urban waste water treatment plants) into biological Fertilisers.

ME Fertiliser research is currently focusing on reducing the harmful environmental impacts of Fertiliser use and finding new, less expensive sources of Fertilisers. Such things that are being investigated to make Fertilisers more environmentally friendly are improved methods of application, supplying Fertiliser in a form which is less susceptible to runoff, and making more concentrated mixtures. New sources of Fertilisers are also being investigated. It has been found that sewage sludge contains many of the nutrients that are needed for a good Fertiliser. Unfortunately, it also contains certain substances such as lead, cadmium, and mercury in concentrations which would be harmful to plants. Efforts are underway to remove the unwanted elements, making this material a viable Fertiliser.